Far from the madding crowd, Ajodhya hills Purulia, with its fresh green landscape, undulating hills and thick forests, is perfect for a quiet getaway. Offering peace and respite to city dwellers. This western most district of West Bengal. Home to several different tribal communities like the Santhals, Kurmis and Kherias-Sabars, song and dance are an intrinsic part of Purulia. Visit the natural forests of Ayodhya, Matha and Kuilapal, the Panchet dam and the beautiful heritage property that is the Panchakot Raj Place, or trek over Pakhi Pahar and Joychandi Pahar. Our resort on Ayodhya hill rises 700 meters high, and is ideal for practicing mountaineering and rock climbing. It’s also known for its pristine fresh water springs and streams. A visit to this virgin forest is a unique experience. Give in to the chirps and croaks as you hike the trail, while getting enamored by its fascinating fauna. It is a place reclaimed by nature .Stay alert as you might just end up spotting the mythical wild flower or the resplendent old tree, both found on this region of the continent.

We provide peace ,tranquility and nature along with a memorable experience among the hills. The log cabin here provides a spectacular view of Ajodhya hills and forest. With sumptuous meals cooked with organic ingredients, you could also take your pet along with you to this green getaway. Forest Holidays is the ideal setting for your family break. Whatever you want or need, from travel cots to cycle hire, from pre-booked activities to movies in your cabin, we’ve got it covered. All you need to do is gather your family and enjoy your break in the forest.

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