The forest and surrounding landscape is a playground for adventure-seekers. Whether you are a group of friends out for adventure or looking for a family activity holiday, find out how to turn your Forest Holiday into the ultimate adventure holiday. Some of our adventures take place in the forest and some are off-location with our 3rd party partners. Add your adventures to your booking to be sure you don’t miss out.


Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to survive alone in the great outdoors? Join your Forest Ranger to learn the basics of survival on our 3-hour Ultimate Forest Survival adventure. Learn how to light a fire without matches, how to build a shelter and test your survival skills all before, having sourced the ingredients and built the fire yourself. At Go Ape you will have an unforgettable adventure. Fly down zip-wires, leap off Tarzan swings and tackle rope-bridge crossings and tunnels in some of PURULIA`S most amazing forests, close to all our cottage locations. You can also explore the great outdoors on the latest all-terrain formats.

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