Charida Village

Charida – 200 years ago the king of Baghmundi established this village for idol making artists. After that they started making masks, which is a part of the chow dance. In this way, Charida became a world-renowned industrial village today. Arrangements for making masks in the homes of 70 families. Apart from dance, it is also highly valued in home decoration. Prices are also quite cheap. It is located just 3 km west of Baghmundi.

Bamni Falls

The main waterfall in the Ayodhya hills. About 15 minutes down the sloping path in the eclipse forest reveals its two levels. In a word, terribly beautiful. Full form in the rains. There is a watch tower. The forest environment and watershed are captivating. Located 7 km from KFR. A long time ago, a Brahmin wife went missing while fetching water. Bamni was named after her.

Marbel Lake

If the red hills and the rustic charm of Purulia have always attracted your adventurous soul, then give it a soothing break at the Marble Lake of Ayodhya. Primarily a tribal belt with thick forests of Sal trees that will take your breath away with their towering silhouettes, Ayodhya Hills is famous for its innumerable natural springs that primarily take a different look during the monsoon. Flushed with running streams and gushing in the rainwater, these streams at times look frightfully beautiful. If you have been to the hill top of Ayodhya to view the Bamni Falls, you just have to turn right and lo! Behold! The serene blue deep waters of Marble Lake unfolds before you.

How to reach : Take a train to Purulia and then a cab or Toto from the station to Ayodhya Hills. Marble Lake is also a popular picnic spot in the region. You can trek up the hills, or there is a motorable road too.

When to go : Best time to visit Marble Lake is winter and Puja vacation. However, monsoon is breath-taking, though one needs to be careful about flash floods or Harka Baan, that is quite common in the area when the rain pours.


Deulghat, a place near Boram in Arsha PS. It has the ruins of 15 temples near the Kansai River. The stucco decoration is the notable architecture made on the temple. The entrances of those temples are entangled with the branches of trees, casting an eerie. However these temples are the representations of the age, when they were built. The excellent skills are evident in the wreckage of the temples and idols reflect strong evidences of SEN & PAL empires. Moreover the temples adorned with the graceful carve, attracts visitors, and hence are important in the tourism of Purulia.

Baranti Dam

Baranti is located at 23.5811°N 86.8463°E. Baranti is a developing tourist center located in the lap of Gorongi Hill. This village is surrounded by the Panchkot Hill at one side and the Biharinath Hill on the other, with a water reservoir under Ramchandrapur Medium Irrigation Project. This area is popular for hill and jungle trekking due to its natural environment. Garh Panchkot is only 12 km away, and Joychandi Pahar just 21 km away from Baranti.  Biharinath, the Araku Valley of Bengal is just 18 km from Baranti. Sunset is particularly special in Baranti. The lake keeps changing color from time to time. It’s a real treat for the eyes to sit and watch the various shades of yellow and red reflected on the water and quietly spreading out on to the paddy fields… The huge water body around the dam attracts a lot of migratory birds every winter.

Chandil Dam

Chandil Dam standing on the Subarnarekha River is one of the most visited places of Jharkhand. The museum located close to the Chandil dam has scripts written on rocks, which are 2000 years old. The multi-purpose Chandil dam was built across the meeting place of both the rivers. The dam is 220 meter in height and the height of its water level is 190 meter from different places tourists coming from different parts of the country enjoy boating and the natural environment in and around the dam. The River Swarnarekha flows through this region. The Karkori River originating from the Hundru falls mingles with the Swarnarekha River here at chandil.

Dalma Pahar

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is located 10 km from the city of Jamshedpur in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It was inaugurated by Sanjay Gandhi in 1975. It is a notable wildlife sanctuary and contains a significant population of Indian Elephants. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is situated around the Dalma Hills. Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is a much larger area starting from Chandil to 40 km east. The sanctuary covers around 195 km. The wildlife sanctuary runs parallel to the NH-33 with hills as high as 915 ft. from sea level. Dalma Sanctuary is spread over 193 sq km of forests of East Singhbhum and Saraikela-kharsawan districts of the state of Jharkhand. Most part of Dalma forests shed leaves in the summer and attains its full bloom at the onset of monsoon. A female Indian Elephant at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary


The place is so full of greenery and tranquility that any time you visit, it’s sure to rejuvenate you.  Temperature is moderate throughout the year. In summer maximum temperature is 45 degree Celsius whereas in winter the minimum temperature is 3 degree Celsius. But real beauty comes with the rain! The greenery becomes even greener and the clouds come rolling down the hills to make the place look like a dreamland. Another time nature celebrates in this place, its the spring. Palash, simul blossoms and sprinkle all around to play Holi!

Garpanchkot Nearby Attractions
The ruined Garh surrounded by a group of temples stand as rich architectural and historical evidence. Joychandi Pahar in the red soil of Purulia is a paradise of Sal and Palash trees. Baranti lake, in the Rarh region, is a perfect picnic spot with no one to disturb around.The Panchet Dam on the Damodar river with its adjoining Panchet reservoir.

Sita Kund

Sita Kunda is located in Bagandi village under Ajodhya Gram Panchyat at Baghmundi Block of Purulia district of West Bengal. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by small water bodies with lotus floating on them. The mesmeric medium dense natural forest with peaceful surroundings makes it a perfect tourist destination that gives a rustic ambience and for whole hearted prayer.

Location: At Bagandi village of Ajodhya Gram Panchyat in Baghmundi Block .It is 47 Km from Purulia district town via Sirkabad.
The cold water bubbles from beneath invading the white fine sand at Sita Kund are mystical and astonishing pristine fresh water springs and streams. Other than this traveler can see different kind’s colorful birds which come especially in winter. The most interesting thing is visibility of existing hairs of Sita as the locals say, on different Sal trees. A 20 year old Ram Mandir is also very famous at this place.

Panchet Dam

The Panchet Dam is an earthen dam with concrete spillway. The reservoir taps a catchment area of 10,961 square kilometres (4,232 sq mi). The average annual basin precipitation is 114 centimeters (45 in) and average annual run off is 4540 million m3. The Damodar forms the border between Dhanbad district of Jharkhand and Purulia district of West Bengal, before meeting the Barakar at Dishergarh and flowing fully through West Bengal. Panchet Dam has been constructed a little above its confluence with the Barakar.[4] While Dhanbad district is on the northern bank of Panchet reservoir, Purulia district is on the southern bank. Panchet Hill rises above Panchet Dam.

Panchet Dam is 9 kilometres  from Chirkunda on Grand Trunk Road, and 54 kilometres from Dhanbad. It is 20 kilometres  from Asansol. The nearest railway station is at Kumardubi, 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) away, on the Grand Chord line.

Pakhi Pahar

In 1991, the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata was faced with an unusual situation: a sheet-metal sculpture of a bird with a 22ft wingspan could not get through the doors of the art gallery. The artist, Chitta Dey, had to clip the wings before it could finally go through. The bird’s proportions led an art critic to comment on its incongruity within a gallery space—the bird should have been smaller, he said. “That comment annoyed me,” says Dey. “I told him I had a certain vision for my creation and it isn’t my problem that the city lacked a gallery space big enough for it.”

In 1996, Dey found a space that was big enough. That year, the West Bengal government offered him an 800ft-high hill in Baghmundi in Purulia district. Pakhi Pahar, as it is known locally and in tourist brochures, is just the kind of canvas Dey, now 58, needed to realize his “dream”, a word that the graduate from Kolkata’s Government College of Art and Craft uses often.


It is located in the north of Begunkodar within Jhalda Block and is about 55 kms from Purulia town. The dam is on the tributary of Kangsabati river. This is a very good picnic spot. The natural beauty of Ajodhya hill is visible from this point.

Murguma Dam or Lake or Reservoir is located in the north of Begunkodar within Jhalda Block and is about 55 kms from Purulia town. It is tribal village in Purulia District, situated on the border of Purulia (West Bengal) and Jharkhand.The dam is on the tributary of Kangsabati river. Murguma is very beautiful place for weekend.The natural beauty of Ajodhya hill is visible from this point.

Mayur Pahar Ayodhya

Located just 1 km from KFR. A decade ago, this impenetrable forest a decade ago was the ideal and favorite place for peacocks to lay their eggs. Ignorant & selfish human beings has infested the forest with vested interest, the name of the peacock is only left. It is a beautiful place to see the sunset and the bird’s eye view. About 72 hills can be caught at a glance. A monolithic terrifying stone slope. The experience of Standing on the edge of the slope activates the adrenalin gland. In midst of the hill top there is a Ashram where you can feel the peace and tranquility

Matha Forest

Matha Forest Rest House: 18 Km from Balarampur Rly. Station. 10 Km from Bagmundi. Śrī Sansthāna Gauḍapadācārya Maṭha), also known as Kavaḷē maṭha  located in Kavale, Ponda, Goa, is the oldest matha of the Smarthan Saraswat Brahman. It a perfect destination for the leisure travelers looking to explore the famous archeological places of interest like Banda, Cheliama and Pakbirra and the eco-tourism locales like Pakhi Pahar, Dowly Khal and Sirkhabad, in and around the city.

Distance from:
• Ranchi Airport 115 kms (approximately 2.15 hrs)
• Purulia Railway Station 30 kms (approximately 1.30 hrs)

Please note: Rush hour traffic can increase travel time significantly.

Maithon Dam

The Maithon Dam is located near Maithon in Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, India. The dam is constructed on the Barakar River and is specially designed for flood control and generates 60,000 kW of electric power. The Maithon dam itself is located on a picturesque landscape amidst a beautiful lake and beautiful green forests. You could avail boating with friends and family on the lake. Apart from that you could even enjoy a walk in the beautiful green forests around the lake. Watching the sun rise and sunset is delightful for tourists, which you must not miss when you are in Maithon. Dam is located at approx 46km from Dhanbad, 193km from state capital Ranchi.

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